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MS-III Surgical Selective - Anesthesiology

The third year medical students have an opportunity to conduct several preanesthetic assessments of patients and perform a focused preanesthetic history and physical examination. The goals of the rotation are to teach the student the following:

  • The ASA classification of patient's physical status
  • The actions and side effects of common preoperative medications
  • How to select the appropriate mode of anesthesia for the surgical procedure
  • The rationale for the establishment of peripheral and central venous access
  • How to identify common sites for central venous access
  • The placement of peripheral access
  • Appropriate intraoperative intravenous fluid and electrolyte therapy
  • Intraoperative monitoring
  • Proper airway and ventilator management during general anesthesia
  • The methods to induce and maintain general anesthesia
  • The skill to position and pad the unconscious patient
  • The actions and side effects of common medications used during general anesthesia
  • The skill to monitor the depth of anesthesia
  • The uses and limitations of regional anesthesia
  • Demonstrate skill in the postoperative management after general anesthesia
  • The diagnosis and treatment of anesthetic complications
  • The risks of anesthetic agents in patients with cardiopulmonary disease and methods to minimize these risks
  • The uses and limitations of local anesthetic agents
  • The methods of pain relief after surgical procedures
  • The actions and side effects of common medications used for pain control
  • How cigarette cessation, weight loss and control of blood pressure positively affect general anesthesia

Application for the MS III rotation is processed through surgery and available to UTHSCSA students only. For more information, please contact the following:

Maria Barraza
Maria Barraza
Student Administration Assistant
Department of Anesthesiology, UTHSCSA
Mail Code 7838
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229-3900