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MS-IV Surgical Selective - Anesthesiology

The MS-IV rotation is open to UTHSCSA students as well as students from other medical schools requesting a visiting student rotation. UTHSCSA students should apply for the rotation through Student Services. Visiting students should apply through the Senior Academic Year Catalog.

Course Director: James Rogers, M.D.
Period Duration: 4 Weeks
Students per Period: 4
Students will participate in Anesthesiology at one of the general hospitals affiliated with UTHSCSA with supervised, graded responsibility for anesthetic management during all phases of the peri-operative period. Objectives are to develop skills in physical assessment; choice of anesthetic management; administration of anesthesia; airway management; and basic life support of the anesthetized patient.

Course Director: Varun Goyal, M.D.
Period Duration: 4 Weeks
Students per Period: 4
Students will participate in the adult surgical intensive care unit at Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital. Emphasis will be placed on the diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of acute respiratory failure, especially that occuring in the post-operative state, including post cardiac surgery. The principles of pulmonary, renal, cardiac and nutritional support will be discussed. The ethics of life support are also discussed.

Course Directors: Maxim Eckmann, M.D. & L. Bunegin, B.S.
Period Duration: 4-8 Weeks - arranged with individual instructor(s)
Students per Period: 3
Research experiences are in either the clinical or basic sciences. Clinical research includes developing an understanding of clinical study design, procedures involved in the clinical study and data analysis. Studies are carried out largely in the operating room environment. Basic research can include studies of vascular control, studies on anesthetic agent interactions with the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, CNS ischemic or traumatic injury, electrophysiologic monitoring and drug kinetics across the human maternal/fetal placental barrier.

Course Director: Rafael Elenes, M.D.
Period Duration: 4 Weeks
Students per Period: 2
Sub-internship in Obstetric Anesthesiology at University Hospital. Teaching will emphasize practical care with the student taking an active part in the monitoring of and assisting in the anesthetic care of healthy or complicated women in labor, as well as those undergoing cesarean section. Students will have the opportunity to perform intubations, epidurals, and spinals. Management of GYN outpatient anesthesia will also be included. Emergency resuscitation for hypotension, convulsions, aspiration and respiratory cardiac arrest may be reviewed as well as prophylactic measures for the prevention of these conditions.

Course Director: Maxim Eckmann, M.D.
Period Duration: 4 Weeks
Students per Period: 2
Students participate in the management of chronic pain patients in the University Center for Pain Medicine in the Westgate Medical Center using a multi-disciplinary approach. They are exposed to areas of pain management that include operative vs. non-operative options for chronic pain patients including physical therapy, mobilization techniques, and interventional drug therapies. Student's responsibilities include evaluating new patients with a focused and detailed physical exam, seeing follow-up patients for medication management, and managing patients scheduled for interventional procedures from prep through post procedure follow up. The student will become proficient in accurately evaluating back pain, neuropathies, radiculopathies, and pain diseases including regional complex pain syndromes. This rotation is designed for any student who has an interest in learning how to deal with patients with chronic pain but especially those interested in primary care, anesthesiology, orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, or physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Course Director: Michael Little, M.D.
Period Duration: 4 Weeks
Students per Period: 1
Students will participate in Anesthesia at University Hospital with supervision of the CT faculty. Emphasis will be on anesthesia for patients with cardiovascular and thoracic disease, cardiopulmonary physiology and pharmacology, and invasive hemodynamic monitoring .

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